Posted by: Hefeng | April 27, 2009

My Works – The Propeller Display using 8051 (Beta Test)

Weekend, when I’m free, surf in YouTube with my roommate, suddenly watch in this “Propeller Display”, it seem interested and I’m discuss with my roommate & decided use 8051 Microcontroller try to challenge it.

When we think to challenge it, immediately ride a motorcycle go to Electronic Street in Taichung, find & buy some material to do it, when we start to do it, we meet lot of material can’t find suitable for us, so we waste many time to think what material beside us can be replace.

The motor start spin up first time, we meet lot of problems like circuit broad not balance, hard in supply voltage to spinning circuit board, signal noise interference to circuit when it spin, rotate timing & program timing not match accuracy etc…

We use 3 days to research and solve some problems on it, remember on Saturday we research until 5:30am too excited we can’t stop it. =P

Here ours first test & success run.



Take a look to this video of ours work.



  1. wao… it is a great job.
    i’m now also doing this as my college project and hope that u can give me a guide.
    i really hope that u can give me a hand.
    thank for advance.

    • if you willing to guide me. please leave me a msg at in email.

      thank you

    • thank your comment.. late to see your post.

  2. can you tell me logic you used for programming??

    • a microprocessor 89S52 , C programming.

  3. can you send me code and circuit of this
    mail :
    thank a lot

  4. i am doing this is my colz project.

    plz send me the details about this project.

  5. will you plz send me code and circuit of this
    mail :
    thank you so mch

  6. will you plz send me code and circuit for this project
    thank u

  7. hey i too wanna make this
    i hav worked on keil c n can do programming on 8051 microcontroller
    i hav at89c51 microcontroller

    can u plz eexplain me n guide me how to do the programming part
    m finding it difficult to conceptualise it and realise it


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